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The Asterisk Desktop Assistant is a plug-in that allows you to be able to click on telephone numbers inside of Microsoft Office Products, Firefox and Thunder Bird. Once you click on the number it will ring your phone, once you answer it will then dial and connect you to the number you clicked.


Has been designed to make dialing and handling phone calls much simpler and faster. This is accomplished by integrating with other software programs on your Windows based computer and making phone numbers easy to dial with a single click.


The browser plug-in will automatically find and hyperlink phone numbers so all you have to do is click and you are on your way.


ADA works by sending the phone number you wish to dial to your PBX and initiating a call back to your phone. Once your phone rings you pick it up and it will be connected to the number you dialed.

For Outlook users, the call pop-ups are tightly integrated with your contacts and will show their picture (if available) and display name. ADA integrates with Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Firefox, Thunderbird or any TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) enabled software such as ACT!, Goldmine, etc. The browser plugin automatically detects phone numbers the
pages and make them dialable with a mouse click.

ADA will be as a free software package.


. Dialer and call pop up application for Asterisk
. Support for Smart Tags
. Drag and drop phone numbers to ADA
. Multi-Connection technology. Users simply dial via a different connection
options by using the "arrow" to the right of the Dial button
. Application support for:
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Outlook
. Call Pop ups
. CRM Support
. TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) support
. Enhanced Caller ID
. Enhanced Search
. Network/Socket control
. Call Notification PopUps






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